About Domainex

Company Overview

Domainex provides fully automated domain name management, revenue optimization and end-user sales tools. Our collection of powerful and easy to use tools helps our customers stay organized, maximize their domain revenue and sell domain names to end-users and other domain investors.

The service allows domain investors, registrars and parking providers to automatically consolidate all information pertaining to their domains (for example, whois data, SEO/SEOMoz data, EstiBot data, parking and monetization data) and maximize their revenue.

Previously available to large portfolio owners only, Domainex 2.0 allows even the smallest domain investor to access the tools and features never before available to the general public.

Who We Are

We are a small Chicago based software company with over a decade of experience in creating software and services for the domain name industry. Over the last 10 years we have created some of the most trusted and widely used tools in the industry, including:

EstiBot DomainPlex Domain Research Tool PremiumDrops

Trust, Security and Integrity

Winning our customers trust through hard work, ethical business practices and high quality service has always been a priority for Domainex and all of our sister companies.

We recognize that through the use of Domainex, our customers are trusting us with a lot of confidential information. As a result, we take special measures to ensure that all information provided is kept safe and confidential. Domainex Inc. owns all of the hardware that the service runs on, including database servers, web servers, DNS servers, routers, switches and much more. Owning hardware ensures that only authorized members of our staff have access to your confidential information.

Unlike our competitors, we do not engage in domain registration, front-running or any other practice which may compete with our customers. Our passion is software and we only focus on creating tools and services that help our customers.