Organize. Optimize. Sell.

Domainex was designed to help you organize your domain portfolio, optimize your traffic revenue and sell your domain names at the highest market price.

The service automatically consolidates all information pertaining to your domains, including whois data, analytics data, SEO data, parking data, EstiBot data and much more, into an easy to understand and easy to export format. Instantly see when your domains are up for renewal, how much money they've made, and how well optimized they are.

Our patent pending revenue optimization technology will not only tell how well your domains are performing, but will also suggest (and optionally automatically change) parking providers to those that will generate more revenue for each domain in your portfolio.

Built with speed, scalability and flexibility in mind, Domainex is a must have tool for any professional domainer. Powered by the DomainPlex API, which serves over 2 million API queries per day, our back-end can handle portfolios of any size, from 10 to 2 million domains.


Consolidating your domain portfolio along with all of its analytics has never been easier. Simply add your domains to the Domainex domain manager and our automated system will take care of the rest!

  • Multiple portfolio support, organize your domains by portfolios and groups
  • Scalable, flexible and fast with support for portfolios ranging from 10 to 2 million domains
  • Automatic categorization and domain valuation, using default formulas or user specified formulas
  • Automatic and routine extraction of SEO data, whois data, EstiBot data, SEOMoz data and much more
  • Whois, pagerank and link popularity monitoring with alerts on domains which changed ownership or metrics
  • Automatic extraction of domain offers from all major parking providers and marketplaces, as well as offer and UDRP/C&D tracking
  • Powerful DNS management, with support for custom DNS settings for each domain, custom host records, URL redirection and even geographic redirection
  • Portfolio breakup by extension, value, analytics, expiration date, registrar, revenue and much more
  • Easy to use web interface with multi-language support
  • Full redundancy, with DNS and web servers in multiple US based locations

The Domainex revenue optimizer automatically checks to see how well your domains are monetized, generates a monetization score and makes recommendations on how to increase your revenue.

Using a patent pending, statistically derived algorithm, our optimizer will instantly and automatically determine the best place to monetize your domains and generate the highest revenue.

  • Fully automated domain optimization, with the ability to manually customize optimization levels for each domain
  • Support for ALL major parking providers
  • Advanced geo based redirection for maximum revenue
  • DNS-F (DNS-Forwarding) technology ensures that the DNS requests hitting Domainex servers are redirected to the parking provider's DNS or appropriate host, ensuring full support with latest Google redirection requirements
  • Comprehensive, yet easy to understand reports and graphs showing domain level and portfolio level changes
  • Compare your domains performance to industry averages and ensure that you're getting the maximum payout for your domains

Domainex offers two powerful tools for selling your domains, one, a mini-marketplace which lets you engage in business interactions with other domain investors, and two, a set of automated tools for locating end user buyers.

  • Free listing of your individual domain names or entire portfolios
  • Ability to sell domains or complete portfolios at a fixed price or at a revenue multiple
  • Industry sales reports, with weekly analyzed trends and tips on what domains to sell
  • Interact with power buyers, our customers range from small investors to some of the biggest players in the industry
  • Instantly generate sales pages, with appraisal certificates and payment checkout for any domain in your portfolio
  • Built in offer tracking, with the ability to automatically pull offers from all major parking providers and marketplaces
  • Automated end-user lead generation and end-user emailing using predefined or custom templates.